Energy Topics

Energy Topics

Renewable thermal energy

For the success of the energy transition, the thermal energy transition must likewise succeed. To achieve German climate protection targets, changes must begin to bite in the thermal energy market by 2030. Demand for space heating and hot water needs slashing by a quarter by 2030, with remaining demand covered by renewable resources. The proportion currently covered by renewable thermal energy is just 13%.

Alternatives to Fossil Energy Sources

Various ways exist to reduce the use of fossil energy sources in the thermal energy sector. These include for instance the generation of low temperature thermal energy through solar collectors, using renewable combustible fuels with wood and biogas, generating thermal energy using electric heat pumps or using excess electricity in electrical heating systems in the form of “Power-to-Heat” processes.

Connections between the Electricity and the Thermal Sector

Various crossing points exist between the electricity and thermal energy sectors - sector coupling being the natural beneficiary. In the case of “combined heat and power”, electricity and thermal energy can be jointly produced, resulting in very high energy efficiency. A thermal energy forum intended as a platform to discuss the various technical approaches associated with energy transition in the thermal energy sector was launched in 2016 in the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster.