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Norway defines itself as an energy and technology nation. The current emission reduction target is at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 level.

In the field of hydrogen its activities are defined by the National Hydrogen Strategy of 2020. Norway has many years of industrial experience across the entire hydrogen value chain from its long tradition of dealing with natural gas.

Norwegian H2 production methods focus not only on electrolysis of water. Blue hydrogen from steam reforming combined with CCS is also relevant since the Norwegian continental shelf could potentially act as a CO2 storage. Various short term options of supplying blue hydrogen are being evaluated. In the long term, companies including Equinor are also looking at the option of producing hydrogen in Norway from gas, with a short distance to CO2 storage, and transporting hydrogen through pipelines or possibly by ship in the form of ammonia.

Use cases for hydrogen are in particular heavy road transport as well as the maritime industry and new green shipping solutions for which the Government has developped a specific action plan. Other strategic documents include the 2021–2030 climate plan or the plan for fossil-free public transport by 2025.  

For Germany, Norway is a very important partner, also with a view of Germany’s  revised national hydrogen strategy with its focus not on green but also on blue hydrogen at least for a transitional period. Moreover, German partners can draw of the high Norwegian expertise in safety developed in the gas industry and apply it in hydrogen. In addition, there is a long tradition of strong cooperation in research projects.

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EEHH and many members of the regional H2 community have a very close cooperation with Norwegian partners. Beyond individual business partnerships, there haven been regular delegation visits from Norway and joint events. Recent examples are the 1st German-Norwegian Hydrogen Forum in June 2022 and the Hydrogen Safety Day in January 2023.  Joint projects include the planned hydrogen fueling stations axis Greater4H from Oslo to Hamburg.

In June 2022, Innovation Norway and Renewable Energy Hamburg signed a Memorandum of Understanding that sets the framework for joint project activities and cooperation between industry, research institutions and other organizations from Norway and the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg.