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Hub North
Mr. Alex S. Moreno, Mr. Henrik Wadmann
Hub North
Hub North

Hub North is a northern Danish network with targeted profiling within wind energy. The operators are companies active within the windmill industry, directly or as subcontractors to larger manufacturers. The Port of Aalborg, North Jutland Region, Aalborg University, Danish Industry in North Jutland, Invest in Denmark and Aalborg Municipality’s commercial division constitute the network’s hinterland. Northern Denmark has 80 companies working within the wind turbine industry, the world’s largest blade factory, a test centre and plenty of space. That makes the region Denmark’s most natural cluster of companies and research centers with wind energy as their core. The companies in the network work together by knowing and utilizing each others’ know-how, and as a geographic industrial cluster, there is also collaboration across the various regions of Denmark. For suppliers of large wind turbine parts, the location is perfect. Wind turbine blades have now become so large that transportation on major roads is impossible. Here, large port facilities are a must. A special “blade road” has already been built and runs directly from Siemens in east Aalborg to the harbor. North Jutland is strongly positioned as one of Denmark’s and Northern Europe’s leading centers for the wind turbine industry. The work force is tailored to a cluster of companies working within wind energy. Know-how and experience from the region’s many shipyards and large industries have been built up through generations and are also at the disposal of existing and new operators. The future work force that will allow for new development is also ensured. Aalborg University is already a large supplier of engineers and researchers within wind energy and sustainable energy in general. Tech College and other schools provide education for the other necessary section of the workforce for the North Jutland power centre within wind energy.

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