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Cleantech Flanders
Mr. Frans Snijkers
Cleantech Flanders
Cleantech Flanders

Cleantech Flanders’ mission is to promote and stimulate the implementation of clean technologies that accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. Powered by VITO, and in collaboration with companies, research institutions, public bodies and civil society actors, Cleantech Flanders is a catalyst for innovation and implementation of clean technologies in society. We operate across sectors on multiple cleantech domains, including energy, materials, mobility and water.


Our 3 pillars:

  • Get to know cleantech: We provide you with up to date information on the latest trends and evolutions in cleantech.
  • Get connected in cleantech: We match your cleantech opportunities with like-minded large companies, SMEs and scale-ups.
  • Go global with cleantech: We help you upscale your cleantech business abroad

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