Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur

EEHH-Projekte N°ICE North-European Infrastructure for Clean and Sustainable Energy


Status Permanent

Region EU / North Sea Region

Volume open

Time frame 01/2015 – open

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Representatives from academy, industry and the public sector are part of every cluster involved in the N°ICE network. This triple helix model for cluster organizations provides a strong foundation to provide assistance to different actors and the cross-sectorial setup involving SMEs and other stakeholder groups from the relevant industries related to sustainable energy systems. This activates a large and diverse stakeholder population that provides innovative solutions for complex value chains and can work in partnerships to meet regional demands in the NSR (and international demands). Consequently N°ICE is well-positioned to build bridges and support SMEs in accessing new cluster services to open up new innovation potentials for them.

At the same time the N°ICE network of clusters and their entrepreneurs cover a wide spectrum of innovative solutions wherein the regional solutions put in place are often very different. From a system optimization point of view this holds the potential to offer and apply solutions from different networks to other regions and cities for their specific local challenges in order to find the best possible solutions. The cluster with a triple helix structure as initial members of the consortium i.e. N°ICE Steering Committee cover the North-Sea area from Hamburg to Oslo (STRING region).

General Partners

CLEAN (Denmark), Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH (Germany), Erneuerbare Energien Schleswig-Holstein EE.SH (Germany), Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster (Norway), Sustainable Business Hub Malmö (Sweden), Innovatum AB (Sweden)

Role Renewable Energy Hamburg

Co-Initiator of the consortium and of the activity portfolio. The set of focus areas in the N°ICE network is as follows: establishing and integrating a “network of networks” between North-EU partner clusters (ensuring sustainability of cooperation by conjoint projects with a long term perspective and geo-strategic considerations ensuring presence on all highly competitive markets in the NSR). Other key topics are: integrated sustainable clean energy system (incl. solar and wind energy, biomass gas and heat), energy efficiency and urban processing systems (incl. heating/cooling grids, e-/CH4/H2 gas grids, charging/fueling solutions for e-mobility, cities/urban enabled by ICT/IoT (Telecomm/App/Web solutions) and optimized applications for storage, heat and cooling (incl. district-heating/cooling, power-to-heat, solid-matter biomass, power-to-gas, hydrogen/fuel cells, and methane reservoir/cavern). Other topics being covered are: upgraded clean transport and mobility markets (incl. Bio/CNG/LBG/Fuels, EV/FC/Hybrid-VS), application interfaces with enabling technologies for production/services (incl. non-technical interfaces like resources, financing, framework conditions, markets, ICT, trading), energy efficient households and living (incl. district heating, heat/cooling/power/resource/mobility efficiency, awareness) and efficient legal framework conditions and financing (specialized, grants, public procurement).

“Sustainable Energy” provides system solutions rather than optimized single component solutions as key and primary focus area within this framework of common areas. In connection to this focus area by the N°ICE clusters an upgrade of cluster services shall be carried out for regions/cities. SMEs/stakeholders and between the clusters are forming strong cross-cluster collaboration besides existing market competition and across borders: optimization of general cluster service portfolio, optimizing services to SMEs and regional stakeholder and optimizing support of regions and cities. Also see downloads.

List of core partners


Mr Henrik Bjerregaard
Head of Department Smart Energy

Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

+45 3120 2231


Mr Jan Luca Plewa
M. Sc. Renewable Energies
Authorized Officer International Projects

Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH (EEHH)

Renewable Energy Hamburg (REHH)
Wexstrasse 7, 20355 Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

+49 40 6945 7313


Mr Martin Kopp
Project management, energy politics
Projektleitung, Firmenbetreuung, Energiepolitik

Erneuerbare Energien Schleswig-Holstein (EE.SH)

Schloßstraße 7, 25813 Husum

+49 151 50656326
+49 4841 6685 21


Mr Jan Carsten Gjerløw
Direktør / Director

OREEC - Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm

P.O. Box 145, N-2027 KJELLER

+47 913 74 095


Mr Bengt Malmberg
Business Development
Sustainable Business Hub (SBH)

Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19 Malmö

+45 0706 19 63 13


Ms Lillemor Lindberg
Innovatum AB
Nohabgatan 18A, Byggnad 73

461 53 Trollhättan
+46 7309 88822


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