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News Details The Northern Connections Final Conference goes digital

by Astrid Dose

Green innovation is more important than ever. CO2 emissions are still not falling enough. Cities and regions therefore have an enormous responsibility to create conditions for companies and innovators that facilitate green innovation and sustainable solutions. Against this background, the digital Final Conference of the EU Interreg Project, Northern Connections, is taking place on 8 September 2020.

The key-note speakers, Dr Thomas Kårberger, a professor at Chalmers University, and Victoria Marie Evensen, Vice Mayor of Business Development&60;and Public Ownership at Oslo City Council, will discuss green innovation and climate protection from a global perspective. Dr Fredrik Hörstedt, Vice President for Utilisation and Collaboration at Chalmers University of Technology&60;and Advisor to the European Innovation Council, will also present examples of best practice.

International clusters, cities, regions and other institutions will discuss the merits and obstacles of political initiatives aimed at addressing the climate crisis. A major focus will be even closer transnational cooperation for a sustainable economy. The final programme and registration for the digital Final Conference will be available online at the end of June.


Martin Toftegaard Laugesen ; Katarina Clase

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