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News Details Sharp “Smart Chap”

by Astrid Dose

Photovoltaics on a new scale

New system by Sharp: the "Smart Chap" intelligent energy manager (Sharp)
New system by Sharp: the "Smart Chap" intelligent energy manager (Sharp)

With the “Smart Chap” intelligent energy manager, Sharp is now opening up new possibilities for home owners. The system supports users with a maximum independent supply using solar power, and efficiently controls electrical consumers in order to simultaneously reduce power consumption.

In its basic configuration, the system consists of an electronic control unit, a PV system including PV inverter, a battery storage system, a battery inverter and power meter. Here, the core element of the system is the electronic control unit, which interconnects all the components. The system can be operated via the “Smart Chap” app, an innovative piece of monitoring and control software. Unlike other products on the market, the system is not just suitable for new installations, but also for retrofitting existing PV systems.

Through the targeted use of the battery, home owners can achieve a degree of autonomy of up to 80%, depending on the weather conditions. The future-oriented time shifting function provides other benefits to the customer. It enables customers to charge the battery in a targeted way, and to sell power, for example, when the best tariffs apply.

Other possibilities arise through the efficient consumption control. As a first step, power-hungry devices in the home are identified using the consumer analysis. The system can directly contribute to maximum use of own solar power by controlling radio plug sockets or SG Ready consumers (such as the heat pump or washing machine).


The open system approach offers an optimum basis for integrating additional hardware through to a complete smart home solution. At the same time, the system is generally compatible with other power generation systems (wind, water).

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