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EEHH-Newsletter 05/2021
Germany reached a level of 50% renewable electricity in 2020, to a certain extent due to the pandemic causing a lower energy consumption. But, anyway, it is a very clear trend that levels of renewables are reaching levels unthinkable a couple of years ago ...
"To ramp up green hydrogen, a focus on strategic sectors as early adopters at large-scale is required."
Interview with Max Correa Achurra, Head of the Fuels and New Energy Division at the Chilean Ministry of Energy ...
Hydrogen's Added Value for the Maritime Economy and Industry
When it comes to hydrogen, the focus is mainly on production and utilisation potential and rarely on transport and handling. But during the current decade, a hydrogen economy will be established, in which the maritime sector will play a crucial role ...
Hydrogen – We need a Colour Scheme and a Certification System for Green Hydrogen | Guest article by Michael Kalis, IKEM
The expectations associated with a green hydrogen economy are at least as high as the current obstacles – there is a lack of production capacity, competitiveness, green electricity and legal frameworks ...
Intelligent IT backend for Hamburg's charging infrastructure
In Hamburg, the transport transition is already in full swing: more and more electric cars are being seen on the city streets ...
We're bidding farewell!
Since 2016, more than 60 partners have been working towards the goal of enabling 100% renewable electricity supply for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein by 2035, as part of the ‘Northern German Energy Transition (NEW) 4.0’ initiative. This required solutions that were researched, tested and applied in and by NEW 4.0 ...
Wave Swell Energy | A Novel Approach to Generating Energy from Waves
The pursuit of electricity from ocean waves has been an area of technology development for decades. However, many have struggled due to the inherent problems the ocean presents, such as survivability and accessibility ...
Winners of the 'Greener Cabin' category at the 14th Crystal Cabin Award
For the fourteenth time, the Crystal Cabin Awards have been presented in Hamburg. The winners of the internationally respected prize for cabin innovations and on-board products are Airbus, Diehl Aviation, e2ip, Eviation with Almadesign, the University of Cincinnati and, for the third time already, Safran ...
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