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Winners of the ‘Greener Cabin’ category at the 14th Crystal Cabin Award

Winners of the ‘Greener Cabin’ category at the 14th Crystal Cabin Award
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For the fourteenth time, the Crystal Cabin Awards have been presented in Hamburg. The winners of the internationally respected prize for cabin innovations and on-board products are Airbus, Diehl Aviation, e2ip, Eviation with Almadesign, the University of Cincinnati and, for the third time already, Safran. Whereas in other times the world’s leading prize in this sector regularly invites a Who’s Who of the aircraft cabin industry to a gala event at the world-leading Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, this time the eight winners received their 2021 trophy during a digital prize award livestreamed internationally.

The Crystal Cabin Awards finalists in the Greener Cabin, Health, Safety and Environmentcategory showed that, while innovation is often to be found in the detail, it can decisively change air travel. Frédéric Dupont, Vice President of Technical Sales and Customer Service at platinum sponsor Etihad, chose Diehl Aviation as the well-deserved winner. Their Greywater Re-use Unit makes it possible to use the handwashing water from the washbasin for toilet flushing, instead of costly drinking water. As a result, the aircraft needs to carry fewer water reserves, making it considerably lighter. In the case of a Boeing 787, this means a saving of 550 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The entire award ceremony can still be accessed via the following link:

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