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Winners of the "German Renewables Award 2012" announced Conference "German Renewables 2012": path determination in times of the energy transition

The focus of the conference "German Renewables 2012" was the central role of renewable energy for the future of our energy supply. The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster also honoured five individuals who have made outstanding contributions with their work on the development of renewable energies. In the inaugural year, there were winners in the categories of "Lifetime Achievement" and "Student Theses".

The lawyer Dr Klaus Rave, CEO of the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein in the 90s and pioneer of the wind power expansion in Schleswig-Holstein and Germany, and President of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) from 1998 to 2002, was awarded the "German Renewables Award 2012” for his lifetime achievement. The deciding factor in the jury’s decision was "decades of outstanding professional and volunteer work, with which Dr Rave contributed to making renewable energies a mainstay of German and European energy supply."

Young students and graduates of Hamburg’s universities, who are at the beginning of their careers, were jointly awarded by the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster and the association " Neue Energie Hamburg” in the category of "Student Projects”.

The winners of the “German Renewables Award 2012” in the category “Student Theses” are:

  • Sönke Horn, TU Hamburg-Harburg, for his bachelor’s thesis on the “Analysis and evaluation of innovative storage concepts for regeneratively generated excess power"
  • Ansgar Lieberei, TU Hamburg-Harburg, for his diploma thesis on the „Development of scenarios for Hamburg’s power supply on the basis of regenerative energies”
  • Jana Weinberg, TU Hamburg-Harburg, for her diploma thesis on „Electromobility in comparison to other surface transport concepts”
  • Dr Christina Rullán Lemke,TU Hamburg-Harburg, for her dissertation on the question of “Architectural form & solar power”

On 14 November 2013, the "German Renewables Awards 2013" will be awarded by the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster in the categories "Product Innovation of the Year", "Project of the Year", "Student Thesis of the Year" and "Lifetime Achievement". Jan Rispens, managing director of Renewable Energy Hamburg: "Everyone is talking about the energy transition. With the event ‘German Renewables’, we offer players from different sub-sectors of the renewable energy industry the chance to analyse and determine the path ahead. Our industry is characterised by a dynamic drive and ingenuity we want to illustrate and appreciate."