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Wind potential in Turkey Joint Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster and WTSH workshop

Turkey - a country with a wind power potential of 48,000 MW. According to experts, larger turbines whose blades reach into higher layers of the atmosphere could boost this value even further still; professional publications mention up to 83,000 MW. In order to introduce this interesting market to Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster members, the network will organise a workshop together with windcomm schleswig-holstein e.V. on 26 February 2015. Turkish experts will give their reports during this meeting.

Due to increased feed-in tariffs and other funding mechanisms, international companies exhibit increasing interest in local production or procurement in Turkey. A few examples: the German wind turbine manufacturers Enercon, Nordex SE, Siemens AG and further companies are already operating in the Turkish market. There is a considerable export potential for the entire industry in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

The workshop is to be conducted following the official visit of Hamburg’s Senator for Economics Frank Horch and Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Economics Reinhard Meyer to western Turkey in June 2014, which was focused on the issue of renewable energy in Turkey. Members of the Renewable Energy Hamburg and windcomm schleswig-holstein e.V networks, and external companies, can participate in the event.

Date: 26 February 2015

Location: Fraunhofer ISIT, Itzehoe, Germany