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“Wanting to achieve something together” Interview with Vincent Nölting, Initiator of The Blue Beach

“Wanting to achieve something together”

EEHH: Vincent, you’ve been successfully organising events in the renewable energies sector for several years. How did this come about and why are you so fascinated with our industry?

Vincent Nölting: “Thanks for inviting me to do this interview, Astrid. Prior to discovering renewable energies, I was heavily involved with events and even held one or two. Ultimately, it was just a hobby. My first consultancy job at Availon, to develop their European sales strategy, allowed me to attend a wind event for the first time: ‘Global Wind Day 2011’. This was entirely different to my previous experience of events and traditional event management. I found it fascinating. I also met the organiser, Harald Düring, who gave me the opportunity to help shape future Global Wind Days. We’ve now been working together for ten years - we combine our approaches to all aspects of event management and he also provides ideas for my own projects. In addition to traditional sales and marketing consultancy and brand concepts, events and the development of new event formats are another important pillar of Nölting GmbH, which I founded in 2010.”

EEHH: Why am I fascinated with the industry? That’s a very good question and one that’s no longer easy to answer. I could say that it’s because it’s a future-oriented sector and we're doing something for the planet. That’s true, but I’m even more fascinated with the renewable energy stakeholders. Starting with initial conversations at numerous events around the globe, I’ve gained close and extremely trustworthy business partners. Some of these are now my closest friends. It’s the fascination of ‘wanting to achieve something together’. For me, that’s what sustainability is all about.”     

Vincent Nölting: We’re a cooperation partner for your large network event ‘THE BLUE BEACH’ – how did this idea come about during difficult times?

EEHH: “It’s definitely part of my fascination with the industry and the spirit of ‘wanting to achieve something together'. I launched THE BLUE event brand back in 2014 in partnership with Hamburg Messe and Marsh GmbH. Those who know me understand that networking is one of the most important elements of my work and that I’ve established an extensive global network. When it became clear in November 2020 that we wouldn’t be meeting each other in person for a long time, this went totally against my nature. I recalled the saying, ‘you can’t change your opponent, only yourself', and applied this to the situation at that time: if there was to be no physical event, then I’d organise something myself! This sounds a little defiant now – and it was.

The challenge wasn’t to organise an event. The challenge was whether others shared my enthusiasm for it. Fortunately, they did. So a huge thanks to EVERYONE who supported the idea of holding a summer festival of renewables in Hamburg. The network was rewarded for its courage on 29 July 2021, when we held the first network meeting for renewable energies in Europe. The second is due to take place on 23 June 2022. A simple idea has now been transformed into the European summer festival of renewable energies. This is possible because 30 international companies, trade fair organisers and associations are now promoting THE BLUE BEACH format. As a cooperation partner, you gave THE BLUE BEACH access to the city of Hamburg, which has become a key supporter of the event format. This in turn has resulted in a high-calibre programme, once again showing that ‘only together can we succeed’.”

What are your future plans? Which major industry trade shows are you involved with?

Vincent Nölting: “My plan for 2022 is initially to successfully implement THE BLUE BEACH on 23 June 2022, so that the event can be repeated in 2023. Things are going pretty well so far. We’ve already received over 200 registrations from over 60 companies since the ticket store opened six weeks ago. Tickets can still be ordered via, where you can also view the programme and participant list. I’ll be attending WindEurope in Bilbao in April. Otherwise, I’m focussing on WindEnergy Hamburg 2022, together with my customers, and already planning something of my own there. Using THE BLUE format, of course."

Many thanks for this enjoyable interview and good luck with The Blue Beach 2022!

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