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Transnational Working Days in Edinburgh Northern Connections EU project get together

Transnational Working Days in Edinburgh
Lisa Niemann and Jannes Kalfsbeek in Edinburgh (EEHH GmbH)

“Northern countries need to stick together” - consensus at the Transnational Working Days event held at the beginning of June in Edinburgh. Some 50 participants of the Northern Connections EU project came together in the Scottish city to discuss and share ideas at the Transnational Working Days event 2018. Scottish partners Falkirk Council and Scottish Enterprise put together a highly varied program around the conference, including a historic tour of the city and a whiskey tasting.

Presentation of interim results of the various working groups in Northern Connections

All in attendance agreed the need to step up efforts to involve companies. Views were somewhat divided on the precise definition of a “living lab”. The crucial factor, however, was understood to be the innovative character of a business model. In the “Living Labs” working group, chaired by Lisa Niemann, project manager international affairs at the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, and Jannes Kalfsbeek, Energy Valley, several companies from Denmark and Scotland eligible for financial funding introduced themselves. Participants of the “Communication” working group signalled a desire for more continual and enhanced reporting across all channels. All cooperation partners are able to participate in regular webinars for the shared Podio communication platform.

Transnational promotion of innovation by Northern Connections

Transnational support of innovation for sustainable energy infrastructure projects by the cluster and regions is the principle focus of Northern Connections. The syndicate is formed by a total of 21 partners from seven countries. As for Germany, participation in the EU project involves the Federal States of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster. The project will run until mid-2020 and has EU funds of 5.3 million euros.

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