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The electrification of energy requirements, hybrid grids, new materials DNV GL publishes Technology Outlook 2025

The electrification of energy requirements, hybrid grids, new materials
Team discussion on smart grids (DNV GL)

In its Technology Outlook 2025, DNV GL presents a completely new scenario for energy supply with ten technology trends in the field of materials, wind, solar power, power storage and power electronics. According to DNV GL, over the upcoming ten years, a new energy landscape will be created characterised by a mixture of large and smaller elements – supergrids and monogrids.

“The implementation of these new technologies will have long-lasting effects over the next ten years, and will accelerate the energy transition,” claims Dr Andreas Schröter, managing director at DNV GL – Energy Deutschland.

For example, electrification will increase general energy efficiency and reliability. New materials will also increase the efficiency of the next generation of solar elements. Digitalisation will lead to an increase in the amount of data. For wind turbines, lighter and more flexible rotor blades and integrated aerodynamic control devices will be used.

Other technology trends include dramatic cost reductions in the solar sector – up to 40% over the next ten years – and optimised power storage for different discharge periods. Due to the changes in customer circumstances, communication will change in the area of demand response management. In the intelligent buildings of the future, solar energy will be the main source of power. Grids will also be able to manage themselves in the future. Since power will have to be transported over longer distances in the future, hybrid grids will be created, which are combinations of alternating current and direct current systems.

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