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Target market for renewable energies: Southeast Asia First international Cluster breakfast

Establishing international contacts for Hamburg’s renewable energy companies – that is the aim pursued by the new Renewable Energy Hamburg event concept "International Breakfast", which Jan Luca Plewa, Project Manager International Relations, hosted for the first time in mid-October. Ten guests, most of them participants of the Asian tour led by Hamburg's Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, Frank Horch, exchanged ideas about expansion opportunities — among them, representatives from PWC AG, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Maritime Cluster.

"We, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, intend to pave the way for our member companies to more international projects. The response to our first international breakfast was very positive, so we will continue the series in 2013," said Plewa.

Economist Dr Alexander Fisher, Director of Finance of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) reported on sustainability projects in developing countries via Skype. GGGI, founded in 2010, includes around 20 countries – developed and developing countries - committed to climate protection. Lars Rasmussen, Chairman of the Liberal Party in Denmark, is Chairman of the Board at GGGI, which runs offices in Seoul, Copenhagen, London and Abu Dhabi. Involved partner institutions are, for example, Renewable Energy Hamburg members such as the Danfoss Group and Vestas Wind Systems A/S.