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Sustainable mobility in Northern Europe Top-class workshop at Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Sustainable mobility in Northern Europe
The managing director of Renewable Energy Hamburg Jan Rispens at the event „Sustainable Mobility“ (Frank Nürnberger/Business Sweden)

How many Swedes and Germans will still own a car in 2050? Will we still derive our electricity from fossil energy sources? In the online survey, opinions among the participants of the workshop “A Sustainable and Mobile Northern Europe” at Hamburg Chamber of Commerce were divided. The audience included the Swedish royal couple Silvia and Carl Gustav as prominent honorary guests.

Under the motto “Sustainable Mobility of People”, representatives of the German Aerospace Centre, Hysolutions GmbH, Volvo AG and Vattenfall Europe GmbH, among others, presented current mobility concepts in the transport sector – for instance electric vehicles. In the second round of discussions on “Sustainable Mobility of Goods”, speakers, including representatives of Schenker AG, HHLA and Scania AG, discussed how goods can be transported more efficiently and sustainably. Hamburg’s port already plays a pioneering role in this.

The following groups organised the event: Business Sweden, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Embassy in Berlin.

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