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Successful matchmaking in the field of Sustainable Building Northern Connections Event in Gothenburg, Sweden

Successful matchmaking in the field of Sustainable Building

As part of the EU-funded Northern Connections project, numerous European innovators and project partners gathered for a Living Lab event in Gothenburg on May 8th, 2019.

Hoppet – an ambitious project realised by the City of Gothenburg – was the main topic of the event. The project aims to construct a school building without utilising materials from fossil resources. At the moment, its partners are looking for innovative concepts, materials and suppliers.

27 innovators involved in the Living Lab

To match demand and supply, the Swedish Northern Connections project partners Business Region Göteborg, Innovatum and Sustainable Business Hub invited 27 innovators from the North Sea region to present their potential contributions to the audience.

For Anders Hall from the local administration of the City of Gothenburg, the Living Lab was groundbreaking:

“It was very worthwhile and we’re simply thrilled! Living Lab has been vital in connecting us with suppliers who can help us transition to fossil-free construction. We’re interested in pursuing further discussions with all of the suppliers we met during the day.”

Technical input and networking

The onstage pitches of the innovators during the event dealt with sustainable materials – e.g. those made from recycled building waste or natural resources such as eelgrass – as well as innovations to save water and concepts to integrate photovoltaics into building facades. Besides obtaining multifaceted information on sustainable building solutions, the participants had the opportunity to network and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can find an extensive report on the event by following this link:

Video of the event:

The next Living Lab Event will take place in Hamburg on June 13th, 2019. Please feel free to register:

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