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Skowronnek & Bechnak establish Japanese entrepreneurial company in order to better serve the offshore wind market in Japan


Following the opening of our Tokyo office in September 2019 and amid the establishment of trusting relationships with Japanese offshore wind companies, we decided to open a Japanese company to be closer to our clients and financing banks in Japan. The advantage for our clients is the possibility to work with us in a context which corresponds to the laws of Japan and Japanese jurisdiction.

But why did we decide on Japan in the first place? Strictly speaking, because of the Shinkansen bullet train, Rainbow Bridge and Skytree. For us they embody technological progress and human creativity. And that’s what Japan means to us: minimalistic design, precision, reliability.

Once Japan decided to move into offshore wind, our decision to support the country in its efforts was a done deal. Our new company Skowronnek & Bechnak Japan 株式会社 specialises in risk and insurance advisory services and develops new solutions with clients for the insurability of Japanese offshore wind risks, including the risks of typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and lightning strikes. In particular, we raise our clients’ awareness of losses which are not insurable or which are difficult and costly to insure, such as the risk of soil liquefaction after an earthquake or the risk of damage caused by lightning, which is greatly increased in Japan.

The process of setting up the company last year was very challenging, especially due to the travel ban to Japan. The entire process had to be completed electronically, including the provision of notarially certified signatures and documents. However, we succeeded, thanks to our Japanese partners who were always helpful and who used all the available possibilities of Japanese legislation and administration to enable the process to happen even without us being present in person.

And it is also a feature of modern Japan: the country strives for flexibility and modernity, in harmony with its traditions, and provides the necessary access to foreign companies which can contribute positively to the Japanese economy.

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