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Siemens supports a junior professorship at the Hamburg University of Technology A team of scientists is researching storage systems for wind energy

Top-class study and research conditions thanks to a partnership: From summer 2014 on, Siemens Energy and the Hamburg-based Siemens Wind Power division will support a junior professorship at the Hamburg University of Technology. This will allow the university to expand its studies and research in the field of renewable energies. Thanks to this support, in July 2014 the Hamburg University of Technology will create the positions for a junior professor and a Ph.D. student to research wind energy storage systems. The offer is part of the new “college of excellence”.

”I am extremely happy about this project”, says CEO Dr Markus Tacke of Siemens Wind Power. “Our Wind Power division in Hamburg has been successful since 2011 and we would now like to intensify our exchange with this Hanseatic city. Thus, the junior professorship in wind energy storage systems will not only develop major renewable energy technology, but will also enrich the learning opportunities in Hamburg. In turn, this will make engineering sciences more attractive and ensure the next generation of specialists which our growing sector needs.”

”In particular in the engineering sciences, partnerships with the industry are of great significance. Research results can be put into practice faster and teaching benefits from the exposure to field work”, says Professor Garabed Antranikian, President of the Hamburg University of Technology. ”In Siemens Energy and the Hamburg-based Wind division, we have entered into a partnership with a leading company in many aspects of energy technology, and through this we will strengthen our specialist field of green technologies.”

The junior professor supported by Siemens will work on storage systems for wind energy. The role is part of the “college of excellence”, consisting of five junior professors, with which the Hamburg University of Technology is bolstering its Centre of Research and Innovation. The support, agreed for an initial period of three years, includes stipends for both the professorship and Ph.D. candidate which have been allocated to the office of the dean of mechanical engineering at the institute. Additionally, Siemens will work to promote intensive exchanges between scientists and companies. As a result, students on bachelor's and master's courses of mechanical engineering will directly benefit from the cooperation.