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Shore-side Electricity Infrastructure Commences Normal Operation Hamburg Energie, AIDA Cruises and HPA Conclude Electricity Contract

Shore-side Electricity Infrastructure Commences Normal Operation
Shore power system by Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)

With the latest port call by AIDAsol, the shore-side electricity infrastructure at Hamburg Cruise Center Altona commenced normal operation. After successful completion of the pilot phase at the end of 2016, a cruise ship was supplied with electricity from shore during the entire layover for the first time, allowing the ship’s internal generators to be deactivated.

The shore-side electricity infrastructure benefits both the environment and Hamburg as a port for cruise ships. On commencement of normal operation, Hamburg Energie, AIDA Cruises and HPA concluded a power supply contract. “Concluding the shore-side electricity contract marks a historic milestone for environmentally friendly power supply to the cruise ships in the Port of Hamburg. I am delighted that a ship was supplied with emission-free electricity for the first time in the long history of the Port of Hamburg,” says Tino Klemm, Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board of HPA.

AIDAsol to use the shore-side electricity infrastructure twelve times in the 2017 season

“Together with our partners here in Hamburg, we are going one step further and making an important contribution to climate protection and air pollution control. With the shore-side power supply to AIDAsol in Altona and LNG supply of AIDAprima in Steinwerder, we are practically demonstrating the environmentally-friendly alternatives that are available here in Hamburg,” explains Dr Monika Griefahn, Director of Environmental and Social Affairs at AIDA Cruises.

Hamburg Energie supplies cruise ships with 100 percent green electricity

“Thanks to our expansion program for electricity from renewable energy sources, Hamburg Energie now produces electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 42,000 households. The Port of Hamburg plays a special role, as we are expanding our wind farms there systematically. The shore-side electricity infrastructure in Altona will be supplied with our clean electricity effective immediately. When cruise ships dock in Altona, they can rely on green electricity instead of marine diesel more often from now on. Like our wind turbines, that helps ensure a good climate in the port,” says Michael Beckereit, CEO of Hamburg Energie.

Shore-side electricity infrastructure sets standards

The system offers a power supply with two frequencies – 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz. In international shipping, roughly 75 percent of all ships are equipped with 60 Hz networks, but very few countries have electricity grids that run on this frequency. The shore-side electricity infrastructure sets a new standard in this area by offering both frequency ranges.

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