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Renewables Inventors Sought! Applications open for the German Renewables Award 2018

Renewables Inventors Sought!
German Renewables Award ceremony 2017 (EEHH GmbH/Jens Meier)

The winners of the German Renewables Award 2017 demonstrated their great inventive spirit with environmentally friendly anti-corrosion methods for offshore foundations, models for underwater pumped storage facilities and regeneration solutions for avoiding age-related performance losses in PV modules. On 26th September 2018, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster is to announce the winners of the seventh German Renewable Awards 2018 as part of the Global Wind Summit 2018 (WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 and WindEurope 2018) at the Intercity Hotel Dammtor. A prestigious jury of experts from the renewable energy sector shall select the winner. The application period starts on 8th March and ends of 4th May 2018.

Jan Rispens, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH) is looking forward to this year’s competition, “with projects and products, past winners have already proven their great benefit on the market. The winners in the student category have often developed solutions that were already in use at companies. People who radically shaped the renewable energy landscape in technical or political terms have been honoured for their life’s work. We eagerly anticipate the applications and are looking forward to the award ceremony at the Global Wind Summit 2018 in Hamburg. As a prize from the sector and for the sector, this event is the perfect setting for us.”

Looking back: Winners of the German Renewables Award 2017

As the water management, energy and city disposal senator, and the head of the Hamburg environmental authority, the lawyer Jörg Kuhbier, the winner of the “Life’s Work of the Year” award, made a key contribution to sustainable climate policy in the Free and Hanseatic City from 1983 to 1991. From 2005 to 2017, in his function as Chairman of the Board of the “Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie” (Offshore Wind Energy Foundation), he supported the expansion of high-capacity offshore wind farm.

The winner of the “Product Innovation of the Year” Category, E.ON Climate & Renewables, used an aluminium injection metallisation process for the first time with its Arkona offshore wind project off the north coast of Rügen, in order to provide better corrosion protection for the foundations. The Fraunhofer IWES, winner of the “Project of the Year Category”, developed an offshore pumped storage power station in Lake Constance as part of the StEnSEA project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The concept uses the lake as an upper storage reservoir; the lower storage basin is formed by a hollow body on the floor of the lake.

With the aid of an offset box, Svenja Wenck, who has a bachelor’s degree at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, or “HAW”, has enabled CIGS PV modules which have reduced capacity due to age, to be regenerated during ongoing operation, and therefore to increase their capacity. She was presented with the German Renewables Award in the “Student Thesis of the Year” category.

Since it was established in 2011, more than 190 member companies and institutions from the metropolitan region of Hamburg have come together in the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH). The aim is to pool the expertise of the companies, research facilities and institutions in this network and to strengthen and support cooperation in the renewable energy industry. Since 2012, the EEHH Cluster has presented the German Renewables Award in four categories every year to creative minds and companies working in the renewable energy sector. In even years, the awards are presented as part of the leading international trade fair, WindEnergy Hamburg.


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