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Renewable Energy HH Cluster Agency at Husum Wind 2023

Renewable Energy HH Cluster Agency at Husum Wind 2023
Renewable Energy HH


Atlas Titan

Flexibility and speed as well as expertise – these are the success factors that Atlas Titan uses to make complex projects a sustained success. As an owner-managed SME with almost 15 years’ market experience and 13 sites across Germany, including Hamburg, Atlas Titan primarily supports companies in the energy industry. Atlas Titan has now successfully completed over 300 projects in the offshore and onshore sector. The company provides services such as project management, support and implementation.

GLS Bank

As the world’s first socio-ecological bank, GLS Bank was an early investor in renewable energy projects. The credit institution, which has total assets of EUR 2.7 billion, helped the community of Schönau in the Black Forest buy back its electricity network, for example. In 2012, GLS Bank awarded over 20,000 loans amounting to EUR 1,417 million to socio-ecological companies and projects, including 31% in the renewable energy sector. At the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency, Christian Marcks, who has worked at GLS Bank for over 20 years, sits on the Solar Forum Steering Committee.

Northern German Living Lab

The 50 partners of the Northern German Living Lab (NRL) are highlighting new approaches to climate neutrality: the regional joint project between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein is testing the holistic transformation of the energy system, thereby demonstrating how to achieve the rapid defossilisation of all consumption sectors. The Renewable Energy HH Cluster Agency helps the Northern German Living Lab with its B2B communication.


The Swiss investment company, Smart Energy, is committed to renewable energies. Its customers come from the solar, wind and green hydrogen sectors. Marcus Neumann’s Hamburg team aims to develop the potential of green hydrogen in particular.

TÜV Nord

The TÜV NORD GROUP is a global operation with over 14,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Its extensive advice, service and testing portfolio includes both specific individual tests and the management of complex safety solutions. In the wind energy sector, TÜV NORD provides certifications, site reports and inspections and is one of the worlds’ leading accredited certification bodies for onshore and offshore wind turbines. Hydrogen is a new business area for the TÜV Nord Group. TÜV Nord has been a member of the EEHH Cluster Agency from the start.


The Swedish company, Vattenfal, has been electrifying industries for more than 100 years. It is determined to facilitate fossil-free living within a generation. With the further expansion of wind and solar farms, Vattenfall intends to help significantly increase the share of climate-friendly electricity from renewable energies. As an integrated energy firm, it provides customers and councils with a variety of additional energy solutions, such as the marketing of renewable energies or charging infrastructure for electric mobility, for example. Vattenfall has been an active member of the Cluster Agency since it was founded in 2010.

Logo partners

Air Products

The new EEHH member, Air Products, is one of the world’s leading industrial gas companies and has been operating for over 80 years. The firm focuses on energy, the environment and emerging markets. Together with another EEHH member, Mabanaft, Air Products intends to build an import terminal for hydrogen at the port of Hamburg.


In order to expand nationwide production of renewable energies, 46 Thüga Group companies have formed Thüga Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co. KG. Thüga EE develops wind and solar farms to generate sustainable electricity and permanent added value. Thüga EE operates all of its facilities itself – based on a longstanding business model and always in partnership with local councils.

Husum Wind 2023

From 12–15 September 2023, over 600 exhibitors showcased new products and cutting-edge technologies for onshore and offshore wind, green hydrogen, sector coupling, storage technologies, digitalisation, recycling & repowering and the associated financial sector.



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