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Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster awards prizes to pioneers of the renewable energy sector Presentation of the 8th German Renewables Awards at Opernloft Altona

Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster awards prizes to pioneers of the renewable energy sector
The winners of the 7th German Renewables Award 2018 (EEHH GmbH)

On 28 November, 2019 the Renewable Energy Cluster Hamburg will once again recognise the innovative excellence of the renewable energy sector by presenting the “German Renewables Award”. Hamburg’s Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, Michael Westhagemann, is to deliver a welcoming address.

Now in its eighth year, the cluster, together with a highly acclaimed judging panel made up of leading representatives from industry and science, will bestow the award in the following five categories:

Product innovation of the year
Project of the year
Student thesis of the year - wind energy
Lifetime achievement - wind energy
Journalism award 

This year's award ceremony is going to take place in the Opernloft in the Altes Fährterminal Altona building. The spacious interior offers a unique view of the Elbe and plenty of room for a pleasant evening. Allow yourself to be surprised at how the theme of renewable energy is translated into music.

Free of charge for a single employee of a member company; additional employees of a member company pay 29 euros (plus VAT). Non-members pay 49 euros (plus VAT).

To sign up, please register directly via the website. You will then receive your confirmation of participation and an invoice by email. In case of questions, please contact us directly:; +49 (0)40/694573-10.

Registration by 16 November, 2019:

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