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Première: German Renewables 2012 Technology, Systems, Market

Current technologies, systems and funding opportunities in the field of renewable energies will be presented at the new, high-class event “German Renewables 2012” organised by the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster on 22 November. The aim is to establish an annual specialist conference in Hamburg focussing on renewable energies,
which will culminate with an award ceremony in the evening.

Well-known experts will discuss current topics in three panels on wind, solar and bioenergy. “Technology development in wind power until 2020” will be presented by Dr Andrew Garrad, GL Garrad Hassan. Felix Goedhart, Capital Stage AG, will ask: “Large-scale solar power systems in western Europe – an investment with a future?”. In the third panel, Dr Frank Höpner, Cofely Deutschland GmbH, will discuss “Heat, power and gas; decentralised production as bioenergy – a dilemma or an attractive future proposition?”.

“Investment in renewable energies during the ‘energy revolution’; how can the share of renewable energies be doubled by 2030?” This is the theme of the podium discussion. The following guests have been invited: Torben Brunckhorst, MT-Energie GmbH; Felix Goedhart, Capital Stage AG; Dr Frank Höpner, Cofely Deutschland GmbH; Lars Quandel, HSH Nordbank AG, and Dr Klaus Meier, wpd AG. The debate will be moderated by science journalist Ursula Heller from German public TV.

The new award, the first German prize from the industry for the industry, is a highlight this year. In this first year, awards will be presented for student work and life work.

Date: 22 November 2012
Place: EMPORIO Tower, Dammtorwall 15, Hamburg

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