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'Plenty of opportunities for German companies in the fast-growing US offshore wind market' Interview with Gunnar Herzig, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO)

'Plenty of opportunities for German companies in the fast-growing US offshore wind market'
Gunnar Herzig, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO)

In the following conversation, Gunnar Herzig is talking about the Offshore Wind in the US and opportunities for German companies. Gunnar is also part of our upcoming webinar on US Offshore Wind on 08 June, register here.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: The topic Offshore Wind is picking up a lot of pace within the US, until 2030 a total capacity of 30 GW is to be installed. Besides the Presidency of Joe Biden, what is the driving force behind this development in your eyes?

Gunnar Herzig: The realisation that offshore wind has quickly become a mature technology for clean and affordable electricity production which offers huge economic benefits such as well-paid jobs and dynamic industrial activity.  

Renewable Energy Hamburg: Do you see any major challenges and what would be necessary to overcome these barriers?

Gunnar Herzig: Too ambitious local content requirements especially in new offshore wind markets can be challenging as they can easily increase project costs.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: What role do you foresee for offshore wind in the US in 2050? And what is the importance of floating offshore wind turbines?

Gunnar Herzig: By 2050 offshore wind is certainly going to contribute massively to the US energy mix. Floating offshore wind is going to play a major role on the US West coast especially in a state like California which already has extremely ambitious climate targets. The recent announcement by the Biden Administration to open up California for floating offshore wind developments has been a game changer for the entire industry.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: The US East Coast and West Coast offer great offshore wind potential. What regions do you see as forerunners?

Gunnar Herzig: The East Coast is going to be the frontrunner for bottom-fixed offshore wind and is definitely already well underway in becoming a major region for global offshore wind developments. However, over the past years the West Coast has also already attracted many international players interested in developing floating offshore wind farms. This development is surely going to accelerate significantly with the recent announcement by President Biden regarding offshore wind in California.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: The Metropolitan Region of Hamburg and Northern Germany have become major centres for the European offshore wind industry. Do you see any region in the US where we will find such local concentration?

Gunnar Herzig: The greater Boston region in Massachussetts including costal cities like New Bedford is a perfect example for a thriving offshore wind cluster in the US.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: What opportunity do you see for German companies with experience in offshore wind in the US market and how does WFO support them?

Gunnar Herzig: Given the great experience and deep knowledge of German companies in the offshore wind industry there are plenty of new business opportunities in the fast-growing US offshore wind market. WFO’s new initiative “Offshore hoch 3” actively supports German companies in their business development activities in the US and helps to ensure that German offshore wind know-how will be an integral part of the dynamically growing US offshore wind industry.

Renewable Energy Hamburg: Thank you very much, and see you on June 8th in our webinar on the US Offshore Wind Industry!


World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) is the world’s only organization 100% focused on promoting offshore wind energy on a global scale. WFO is registered as a non-profit organization (e.V.) in Germany, with offices in Hamburg, Tokyo, Taipei and New York.

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