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Opening session of ‘International’ Forum for members of Renewable Energy Hamburg

The opening session of the International Forum, with around 15 participants, took place at the Hogan Lovells office premises in Hamburg on 23 September. The aim of the Forum is to establish a lively, quarterly discussion for members of Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, centred around international aspects of renewable energies.

Since Hamburg is a hub for internationally active stakeholders from the renewable energy field, a format of this kind lends itself as a way of contributing to greater networking among cluster members. In terms of its content, the ‘International’ Forum aims at diversity. Future collective sessions involving the other EEHH fora are also planned. The ‘Financing and Law’, ‘Hydrogen’ and ‘Solar’ fora in particular would be suitable possibilities.

The opening keynote was given by Holger Matthiesen, Head of Development, Offshore Wind Scandinavia, Poland and Baltics at RWE Renewables GmbH. In his interactive presentation, ‘What is required to develop and implement international projects in the offshore wind sector? – examples and insights from a project management perspective’, and in the international activities of RWE Renewables in large parts of Europe, North America, Chile, Australia, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan, the international character of the industry once again came to the fore.

This keynote presentation provided an opportunity to discuss assessments, challenges and opportunities for the sector. The sector is currently facing a great challenge in the shape of the ‘local content’ often required in international offshore wind markets, in other words, the condition that part of the value creation must take place locally. By contrast, floating wind farms provide an opportunity to tap into additional international markets. A glance at the Baltic States illustrates the advantages that a cross-border approach can afford for international energy projects. Latvia and Estonia have decided to develop an offshore wind farm together on a cross-border basis, with a capacity of one gigawatt.

The opening session also provided an opportunity to accept requests for future content from the group of participants. As a result, in coming sessions the focus will be on such matters as: the various regulatory requirements around the world, getting to know internationally active customers and project developers, case studies from international markets, or international research and cooperation projects.

The next session is planned to take place in December 2021. An invitation will follow. Suggestions for the International Forum from our members are always warmly welcomed.


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