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Offshore wind parks off the coast of Southeast Asia Vietnam: a highly promising offshore market

Offshore wind parks off the coast of Southeast Asia

With a coastline of more than 3,400 km, its potential for offshore has been estimated at around 309 GW. The Vietnamese government has developed a National Power Development Plan, with graduated targets for 2025, 2030 and 2050. Additionally, they plan to generate 21% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

GWEC South East Asia Task Force

The GWEC South East Asia Task Force has been providing information about offshore wind in south-east Asia, including Vietnam, since June 2019. This internet platform contains details of all relevant stakeholders in the region, from local companies and investors to international players, in order to link them with political decision makers. As well as Vietnam, it also covers the other key markets Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Current offshore projects in Vietnam

Since 2018, the developer Enerprize Energy Pte. Ltd (EE), headquartered in Singapore, has been planning the Thang Long offshore wind park in the bay of Ke Ga in collaboration with the Vietnam Energy Association. The power output of the planned wind farm amounts to around 3,400 MW and investments are in the region of 9 billion US dollars (excluding grid connection). The project is being supported by the local provincial government of Binh Thuan, and the Vietnamese government is guaranteeing stable framework conditions. In Tra Vinh province, the South Korean company ST International has been planning a near-shore wind park since the beginning of 2020, with an investment of 71 million US dollars. The wind turbines are being supplied by Vestas.

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