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Norway is one the core countries of the new EU project Northern Corridor (pixelio/Uwe Kunze)

The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster together with twenty North-Sea region partners from the UK through Germany up to Norway is committed to create a platform for SME innovation partnerships in the field of sustainable energy systems.

The project is funded with 5.3 million Euro by the EU-INTERREG North-Sea Program and led by the Aalborg commune in Denmark. Out of joint open innovation processes technical and structural solutions will meet the challenges of the involved cities and regions with their system transformation towards sustainable energy integration. This includes in particular the sector coupling of the energy, household and traffic domains.

The market development for efficient system concepts is supported starting with world-café workshops and resulting in feasibility studies and tender preparations. The innovation processes are organized by the eight involved cluster initiatives that actively involved their specialized networks and the involved municipalities and cities of the region that back the processes by accompanying framework development.

For further information on the activities and interest in a participation of your business or institute please contact:
Phone: +49 6945 7213
work package leader WP6 LIVING LABS



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