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North German Innovation Alliance to receive funding from the Federal Government for energy transition Over 60 partners from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein develop the energy supply system of the future as part of the major project “NEW 4.0”

Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are among the five regions selected for the funding programme “Smart energy showcases – Digital Agenda for the energy transition” (Sinteg). The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy announced this in early December. The project initiative “NEW 4.0 - Northern German energy transition” has the aim of linking Hamburg with its large energy-consumption centres and Schleswig-Holstein with its powerful wind energy generating centres to form an integrated energy region. In 2016, the exact funding amount will be determined by the Ministry following the submission of all applications. The selected projects will receive a total of around 230 million Euro in funding, with a total project volume of around 600 million Euro and more than 200 stakeholders.

Hamburg’s Senator for economic affairs, traffic and innovation, Frank Horch, said that, “Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have successfully focused political and corporate powers. With NEW4.0, we describe how the energy transition could succeed. Business and science in the north have forged a unique alliance. My congratulations go to the project consortium of NEW 4.0 and my thanks to our colleagues in Schleswig-Holstein, with whom we jointly supported this project application.”

NEW 4.0 will showcase that a region with 4.5 million inhabitants can be reliably and fully supplied with renewable energy as early as 2035. In addition to the stability of the system and security of supply, essential endpoints are market orientation and affordability, the substantial contribution to meeting the climate protection objectives and public acceptance. At the same time, portability to other regions in Germany and Europe is to be demonstrated. To this end, a consortium consisting of over 60 partners from the industry and academia has been formed.

Prof. Dr. Werner Beba, head of CC4E at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and member of the project management team of NEW 4.0, said: “We thank all 60 NEW 4.0 partners for their previous cooperation in our Innovation Alliance, with which we can substantially advance the energy transition in the north – in an exemplary and transferable way.”

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