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"No one can claim later that they didn't know anything!" IPCC author Professor Daniela Jacob appeals to German climate protection policymakers

"No country has tried to block the latest IPCC report," reported Prof. Daniela Jacob, coordinating lead author of the Fifth Climate Report and director of the Climate Service Center Germany in Hamburg, at the 24th meeting of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster. It became very clear in her presentation that even a temperature increase of about half a degree Celsius or less will already have serious effects on life on Earth.

"With a justifiable social, technical and financial expenditure, it is possible to maintain the 1.5-degree goal of the Paris climate agreement," so Professor Jacob. With a temperature increase of only 1.5 degrees, for example, not all corals would die. The loss of coral reefs has dramatic consequences for the entire marine ecosystem.

A significant rise in sea levels, extreme weather events such as floods and droughts every five years for 40 per cent of the world's population, significantly reduced harvests, and 20 per cent fewer insect species – even with a temperature increase of 1.5 degrees, consequences for the Earth would be devastating, according to the latest IPCC report published in October 2018.

The meteorologist sharply criticised Germany's current climate change policy. "Many authors at the IPCC meeting spoke to me about the failure of German policy. I believe that the other countries must take the lead and cannot wait for Germany," said Prof. Jacob – a sad verdict for the German renewable energy industry.

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