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Net zero cities: optimum balance between energy gain and energy consumption 6th International Cleantech Convention

Net zero energy is the key topic at the 6th International Cleantech Convention of the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster. On 23 and 24 October, experts from 15 international clusters will discuss energy efficiency and Smart Cities in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster and representatives from Hamburg renewable energies companies will also participate. The conference will be opened by Colorado’s Senator Mark Udall.

The podium discussion will focus on technology and the environment, people and politics, as well as economic developments and business models. At the conference, speakers will discuss innovations in the fields of net zero energy, net zero water, intelligent transport solutions and intelligent systems and integration.

The focus will be on cooperation between private companies, government organisations and research institutes. In Fort Collins, various research institutes, including Colorado State University, the Engines and Energy Conversion Lab and the Integrid Laboratory, are dealing with topics such as Smart Grids. Recently, the city in the Rocky Mountains has received awards such as the “Solar Friendly Community” (April 2013), “3rd in the nation on Best Places to Do Business list” (June 2012) and “One of the Top 10 Cities Adopting Smart Grid Technology” (May 2011).