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Meet your future business partner at the WindEnergy Hamburg! WindMatch at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2014

Joined under one roof – global players from the onshore and offshore wind industry at the international WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 trade fair. The H2Expo on storage solutions is also being held as an integral part of the fair. This presents a good opportunity to make contacts and meet future business and research partners. The Enterprise Europe Network is inviting exhibitors and visitors to participate free of charge in the WindMatch international cooperation exchange on 24 and 25 September 2014 at the exhibition site.

Anyone interested in taking part can register in advance on an online platform. Here, they can also find the right people to talk to and agree to meet for discussions beforehand. They can also determine what topics should be discussed in advance. The Enterprise Europe Network estimates that 200 people will take part from over 20 countries, and from areas such as systems manufacturing, installation and project management, as well as energy storage and electric mobility.

To register, please go to:


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