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Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Lies, agrees to attend HUSUM WIND

Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Lies, agrees to attend HUSUM WIND
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Olaf Lies, Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport, Construction and Digitalisation in Lower Saxony, has confirmed he will attend the opening event of HUSUM WIND on 12 September 2023, along with Robert Habeck. Lower Saxony is the official partner state of this year’s trade fair. “HUSUM WIND has been making an important contribution to transforming our energy system for years. As an established networking event for the wind energy sector, it brings national and international stakeholders together to showcase the latest industry trends. So we’re delighted to be the official partner state of HUSUM WIND in 2023,” says Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Olaf Lies.

Lower Saxony and the other northern German federal states play a pioneering role in the expansion of renewable energies. A fifth of kilowatt hours generated from renewable sources in Germany are 'Made in Lower Saxony'. With an over 90 percent share of renewable energy in gross electricity consumption in 2022, Lower Saxony also has huge renewable potential for the production of green hydrogen. Olaf Lies explains: “Back in 2019, we defined targets and required actions for a range of topics that are important for the transformation of the economy, as part of the common northern German hydrogen strategy. We’re now benefitting from this foresight: as the powerhouse for renewable energy, northern Germany, as well as the North and Baltic Seas, have huge potential. We aim to use this efficiently and quickly. Because the rapid expansion of onshore and offshore wind energy, as well as the development of an extensive hydrogen economy, are crucial prerequisites for achieving the national climate targets. Lower Saxony will play a central role in this for the future of German energy provision as a whole.” By 2040, Lower Saxony aims to meet its entire energy requirements from renewable sources.

Lower Saxony is one of the top three federal states represented at HUSUM WIND 2023, together with North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein. Confirmed exhibitors include Alterric, Deutsche WindGuard, ENERC0N, ENOVA Power, GEWI and PNE.

About HUSUM WIND – Transforming Energy

HUSUM WIND is taking place from 12 to 15 September 2023, under the patronage of Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck. Around 600 exhibitors will showcase new products and cutting-edge technology from the onshore and offshore wind, green hydrogen, storage technology, sector coupling, digitalisation, recycling and repowering sectors. The dynamic northern trade fair has been supporting the transformation of the wind industry for over thirty years, as well as providing practical guidance, product innovation and networking. The opening conference, ‘Industry meets Renewables’, is due to take place from 11 to 12 September at NordseeCongressCentrum. Specialist forums and networking events complete the HUSUM WIND programme, along with the WINDCareer job fair with its job wall and matchmaking formats.

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