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Impressive range of renewable energy innovations 25 applications submitted for the German Renewables Award 2013

From wind app to climate neutral petrol card, the applications for the German Renewables Award 2013 cover an impressive and broad range of topics. For the first time, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster is awarding the prize for three categories: “Project of the year”, “Product innovation of the year” and “Life work”. There were 14 applications for the first two categories, and eleven nominations for the third category. On 14 November, a prestigious jury of representatives from the business and academic fields will present the “German Renewables Award 2013” at a ceremony in the EMPORIO Tower.

“From mobility projects to useful online apps, this year’s entries for the German Renewables Award show that Germany is currently the absolute leader in terms of innovative drive in the field of renewable energies. While reading the applications, I often felt the need to try out the product described for myself straight away. Selecting the winner from the nominees for the Life work category was also extremely difficult. There are many well-deserving, high-quality personalities who would all have been justified winners of the award,” said Prof Dr Maximilian Gege from Baum e.V., member of the jury for German Renewables 2013.

The submissions for the “Project of the year” category included CO2 neutral car fleets, an Internet platform on sustainability issues, an energy concept involving local biomass energy sources, an innovative power-to-gas concept and an energy consumption visualisation method. Among the submissions for the “Product innovations of the year” category were a new generation of energy-saving climate devices, a climate neutral petrol card, wind turbines with towers made of alternative materials and a service app for wind energy use in Germany.

Eleven outstanding personalities, politicians, company founders and scientists from the wind and solar sector were nominated for the “Life work” category, including several renewable energy pioneers who are well known throughout Germany.

The award ceremony will be preceded by a conference in which the focus of discussion will be the future development of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and concepts for the power grid infrastructure and energy storage facilities. “The conference and the prize ceremony are proof that our sector is innovative and full of energy,” said Jan Rispens, managing director of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster. “As a network for the sector, our aim is to support the sector in its further development.”