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Hydrogen from the Island Iceland’s sustainable energy concepts

Hydrogen from the Island
Waterfalls in Iceland (Marcel Klinger/pixelio)

If these initial ideas had become bogged down for a time, they have seen a revival since 2020.

Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster

Some 50 companies make up Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster, including KPMG, local firms of engineers and energy suppliers. Setting up local electrolysis production is top of the agenda. Sustainable energy supply is a long- standing tradition in Iceland. The island’s people have been using an environmentally friendly form of geothermal energy for more than 100 years.

Agreement with the port of Rotterdam

Iceland’s national energy company Landsvirkjun signed an agreement with the port of Rotterdam in 2020 to devise a joint feasibility study for delivering hydrogen from Iceland to Rotterdam. Rotterdam’s port would like to become the central hub for hydrogen imports in Europe.

Landsvirkjun is in the process of testing how hydrogen production using electrolysis can be developed at the Ljosifoss hydroelectric power station. The plant, built in 1937, is some 70&60;kilometres from the capital Reykjavik and is the country’s oldest hydroelectric power station. The electrolysis unit is to be housed in an existing building that could enable a capacity of up to 10&60;MW. The company reckons the production would be sufficient to power the entire public transport network in the Reykjavik area.

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