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Hamburg Messe + Congress welcomes partnership with Trans-Global Events The world’s largest hydrogen trade fair, Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, is moving to Hamburg in 2024

Hamburg Messe   Congress welcomes partnership with Trans-Global Events
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The world’s largest hydrogen trade fair, Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, and Hamburg Messe + Congress (HMC) have entered into a new, long-term partnership that will also see the trade fair relocating to Hamburg from 2024. The annual trade fair used to be held in Bremen. It attracts more than 500 international exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world and showcases the latest innovations in the hydrogen industry.

The organisers expect their partnership with HMC to further accelerate the rapid growth of Hydrogen Technology Expo from 2024, while further enhancing the industry trade fair as the largest international platform for the latest innovations along the entire hydrogen value chain.

“Hydrogen Technology Expo is delighted to be partnering Hamburg Messe + Congress for its 2024 event” says Mike Robinson, CEO of Trans-Global Events. “Hamburg is internationally recognised as a leader in renewable energy and home to many important hydrogen projects. Hamburg Messe + Congress’ expertise and world-class facilities will also help us deliver an even more successful event for our exhibitors, attracting even more international visitors.”

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe has become the leading event for the global hydrogen economy, providing companies and organisations with a platform for presenting their latest products, services and research findings in this promising, high-growth sector.

“Our new partnership with HMC is a great opportunity for Hydrogen Technology Expo,” says Event Director Charlie Brandon. “It enables us to further expand our expertise in the hydrogen sector, while providing the international industry with an opportunity for sharing new technologies and solutions that drive its development.”

Hamburg is internationally recognised as a leader in renewable energy and low-carbon hydrogen technology and as a pioneer of sustainable mobility, especially in the shipping and aviation industries. As the organiser of WindEnergy Hamburg – the wind industry’s most important global trade fair – and the leading international trade fair for the maritime economy, SMM, Hamburg Messe + Congress is delighted with the new partnership. Because Hamburg will now host a third leading international trade fair, namely Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe.

“We’re proud to be establishing the world’s largest networking platform for the hydrogen economy at the Hamburg exhibition centre from 2024, together with our partner Trans-Global Events,” says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe + Congress. “This partnership is a milestone for us and the hydrogen metropolis of Hamburg for launching new hydrogen technologies and processes for the future challenges facing the energy industry. The city’s projects and infrastructure, in conjunction with our centrally located, ultra-modern exhibition centre, create the ideal conditions for this permanent event and the growth of this leading international trade fair.” In future, the topics covered by the H2EXPO & CONFERENCE, the networking event for the international hydrogen economy organised by HMC, will be integrated into Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, thereby enriching its portfolio. As part of this integration, HMC decided not to hold the scheduled H2EXPO & CONFERENCE in June 2023.

As a magnet for industry leaders, politicians and scientists from all over the world, Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe 2024 will provide unique opportunities for sharing the latest trends and innovations in the hydrogen economy and networking with fellow experts.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors to Hamburg in 2024,” adds Event Director Charlie Brandon. “Together with Hamburg Messe + Congress, we aim to establish an extraordinary event that will drive progress and innovation in the hydrogen industry.”

In future, Hydrogen Technology Expo will take place alongside Carbon Capture Technology Expo, the leading trade fair for carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), as well as carbon reduction technologies. This partnership focuses on the urgent need to develop so-called negative emission technologies and encourage the production of blue hydrogen.

Combining the two trade fairs offers industry experts, scientists, politicians and other stakeholders a unique opportunity to engage with groundbreaking technologies and strategies on a wider scale. Visitors will be able to learn about the latest achievements in CCUS, carbon reduction and blue hydrogen, all of which play a major role in a climate-neutral future and the achievement of climate targets.

The first joint Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe will take place from 22 to 24 October 2024 and will then be held annually at the Hamburg exhibition centre.

More information about Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe 2024 and its partnership with Hamburg Messe + Congress is available on the event website:


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