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Green Power Electronics – Are semi-conductor technology innovations relevant for the energy transition?

Green Power Electronics –
Green Power Electronics Meeting in Tartu (EEHH GmbH)

How can we minimise the risks of direct current systems for users? How can systems be made more efficient? Scientists from the Baltic States, Germany and Scandinavia looked into these questions and others at the EU-INTERREG project meeting on the campus of the University of Tartu Institute of Physics, Estonia. They included: Jan Luca Plewa, International Project Manager, from the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster.

The workshops focused on new materials like silicon carbide for power electronics control systems. The advantages of the improved components for bi-directional charging between electric vehicles and electricity storage facilities, or between public and domestic charging infrastructure were particularly relevant. Another key area was installing smart grids at an individual building level.

For example, Ubik Solutions OÜ, an Estonian start-up, presented its new network with many small and decentralised inverters. It allows better control and management of current flows. In the months to come, the EU project consortium will compile an overview of power electronics providers already using advanced new materials. Cluster members can also participate. SCAPE – the Stockholm Conference on Advanced Power Electronics will take place in June 2018, featuring a Brokerage Event for networking in a casual environment.

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