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Extra-occupational master’s programme in renewable energies Applications possible until 15th July 2016

Extra-occupational master’s programme in renewable energies

In October 2016, the seventh year of the master’s programme in renewable energies shall commence at the Academy of Renewable Energies (“Akademie für Erneuerbare Energien”) in Lüchow-Dannenberg in Northern Germany. Those interested in the course have until 15th July 2016 to apply for one of the 25 places on it.

The extra-occupational Master of Science in renewable energies is an accredited course of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences that is exclusively run in Lüchow in cooperation with the Academy of Renewable Energies. It is aimed at engineers and economists who work, for example, in the fields of project planning, project management, plant operation, consulting, sales, public relations, controlling and financial management.

Students learn how to competently plan the use of renewable energies and how to operate systems for the use of renewable energies in an economic and technically expedient manner.

The master’s course is a distance learning programme of 4 ½ semesters. The close personal supervision provided to the students by the professors and the guest lecturers, who the academy has been able to attract from leading companies in the regenerative energies industry, is a distinctive feature of the master’s course in Lüchow-Dannenberg.

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