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Every wind turbine is necessary for the independent energy supply Federal chancellor Olaf Sholz at the BBE summer celebration 2022

Every wind turbine is necessary for the independent energy supply

“Every wind turbine, every solar panel, every biomass plant is a step towards making our energy supply more independent and sustainable, as well as safe and affordable,” said the Chancellor. The recently adopted ‘Easter Package’ and the amended Renewable Energy Act (EEG) create more space for wind and solar systems and include higher expansion targets.

At its delegate conference on 6 July in Berlin, the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) confirmed Dr Simone Peter as President for a further three years. The new management board has 23 members and reflects the national structures of the renewables industry. The BEE brings together 50 trade associations and companies from the wind, bio and solar energy, as well as the heat pump, geothermal and hydropower sectors.

At its summer celebration, BEE President, Simone Peter, issued a warning regarding the scheduled end to EEG funding: “During this highly sensitive phase of the energy transition, this is creating enormous uncertainty for companies, which will have a negative impact on their plans and investment projects.”  The removal of the target to produce 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2035 is also “a fatal signal to the industry, climate protection and our economic location”. In front of the 1,400 attendees, she welcomed the fact that renewable energies have been labelled as ‘of phenomenal public benefit’ and that federal states have been given fixed area targets for wind power.

The German Renewable Energy Federation was founded in 1991 to represent the joint interests of the renewable energy industry in Germany. The member associations of the BEE bring together a total of over 30,000 individual members and firms.

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