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Editorial April

Editorial April
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The energy transition is clearly gaining momentum – as evidenced at both the International Partnering Forum for Offshore Wind in Baltimore in late March and the Wind Europe Annual Event in Copenhagen at the end of April. Wherever we go, we can feel the optimism and enthusiasm in the industry.

The Renewable Hamburg Cluster Agency is also making a significant contribution to progress on the expansion targets in Germany. At the end of April and the beginning of May, a number of high-profile events are taking place that bring together the stakeholders in Hamburg’s energy and hydrogen transition. These begin on 27 April with the first ever conference on ‘Changing energy systems – gas, electricity, transport and heating in Hamburg’. This will be followed by the third cross-Cluster Agency event on 2 May – this time under the motto: ‘From initial application to market ramp-up: achieving a hydrogen economy in aviation, shipping and logistics’. And last but not least, offshore wind experts will discuss the challenges of the German supply chain at the traditional Hamburg Offshore Wind Conference on 9 May.

Be honest – would you ever have believed that Hamburg has solar potential? Better known for its rain and wind, our Free and Hanseatic City surprised us in our latest ‘Solar potential study in Hamburg. The weather in Hamburg is not all bad’, which showed a total solar potential of around two thirds of the annual electricity demand, with an output of 9.4 GWp and a yield of almost 7 TWh.

And remember, if you are developing innovations for the renewable energy sector or for hydrogen, you have until 19 May 2023 to apply for the 12th German Renewables Award in five categories. We look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions!

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