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Cooperation between innovative energy companies in the EU North Sea region to intensify in future Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster receives EU subsidy through Interreg North Sea Programme

Cooperation between innovative energy companies in the EU North Sea region to intensify in future

The EU Northern Connections project aims to create framework conditions and demonstrators for sustainable energy projects throughout the EU North Sea area. Until 2020, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, together with twenty other partners from states bordering the North Sea, from Great Britain and Germany right up to Norway, will work to build a platform for medium-sized companies, which will result in Northern European innovation partnerships for sustainable energy systems. The project is funded by the EU INTERREG North Sea Programme with 5.3 million euros, and headed up by the municipal authority of Aalborg in Denmark.

“The ‘Northern Connections’ project benefits from the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster and Hamburg as a location: cross-border knowledge sharing at the SME level contributes to increased innovation and competitiveness of medium-sized companies in Northern Germany and Northern Europe. Thematically, the project incorporates strategically important topics like sector coupling and mobility, while also promoting the cooperation of the cluster initiatives for concrete support of SMEs in internationalising their business activities. In the years to come, the city of Hamburg will monitor and support this project technically,” explains a pleased Frank Horch, Hamburg’s Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation.

“Against the background of this partnership, the city of Aalborg is very proud of the success of receiving a subsidy from the Interreg North Sea Programme. The project was only possible thanks to the great cooperation of all partners. There is great competition between cities, regions and private stakeholders to have EU projects approved. Only the best projects with excellent partnerships and outstanding ideas are approved. As a result, it is a great honour for Aalborg to head up the coalition of major cities, regions and clusters in the North Sea region. We are delighted to develop connections in this region to create innovative opportunities for companies in the energy sector,” explains Christina Folmand Knudsen, International Project Coordinator for the municipality of Aalborg.

Technical and structural solutions developed together are to help the cities and regions involved achieve a more sustainable power supply and mobility in future. In particular, this involves combining the sectors of energy supply, households and transport. The package of measures includes workshops, feasibility studies up to supervision of specific tender preparations. These innovation processes are organised by a total of eight cluster initiatives involved, including the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, that actively incorporate their network members and cities and municipalities in the regions.

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