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Climate excellence in research and business – Hamburg Ambassadors Meeting

Climate excellence in research and business –

They are Hamburg’s face in the world: the current 31 HamburgAmbassadors, who represent the city’s interests on a voluntary basis in 24 countries. The network held its annual meeting again for the first time in the Hanseactic city, following various digital events.

First Mayor, Dr Peter Tschentscher: “Hamburg is Germany’s ‘gateway to the world’. Our port connects the world’s fourth largest economy with international markets. It gives us economic strength, security and autonomy. This traditional Hanseatic city has an excellent global reputation. It stands for free and fair trade, openness and tolerance. The voluntary HamburgAmbassadors play an important role in this because they’re dedicated to championing our city and its international relations. Their support in working with our global partners is extremely valuable, especially in times of crisis. I’d like to thank the Ambassadors for their efforts and hope they have a great time in Hamburg.”

Dr Rolf Strittmatter, Chairman of the Management of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, adds: “Right now, it’s more important than ever that the global community sticks together and stands up for its values. We all have a part to play in this and the HamburgAmbassador network is therefore sending an important signal.”

The slogan of the three-day meeting was ‘Climate excellence in research and business’. Dr Rolf Strittmatter: “Hamburg is a model region for energy transition and modern climate protection in Germany. The HamburgAmbassadors are major partners in consolidating Hamburg’s international position as a future city in this role.”

Following a reception hosted by the First Mayor and a Senate breakfast in Hamburg City Hall, the Second Mayor and Senator for Science, Katharina Fegebank, presented Hamburg as a beacon of climate research. Discussions regarding climate change, climate policy and climate economy were also on the agenda, along with a presentation by the Chief Executive Office of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Dr Malte Heyne. He talked about the climate targets of Hamburg’s economy, taking account of the war in Ukraine.

The HamburgAmbassadors meeting also included excursions. As well as a visit to the multi-metal producer, Aurubis, with the involvement of Hamburger Energiewerke and Gasnetzes Hamburg, the programme also included the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and the Cluster of Excellence Climate, Climate Change and Society (CLICCS) at the University of Hamburg’s Bundesstraße campus.

The meeting also covered other current topics, such as the design of the new Congress Centre Hamburg (CCH), the fifth anniversary of Elbphilharmonie and a Harry Potter Backstage tour.

A report on the HamburgAmbassador meeting was published on 14 May at Hamburg1


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