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Clean energy for future generations Offshore wind farm "Amrumbank West" officially in operation

Clean energy for future generations
Michael Hannibal, CEO, Offshore Wind at Siemens Wind Power

A group of primary school children switched on small wind turbines at the official opening of the offshore wind farm "Amrumbank West". At the same time, out in the North Sea the concentrated power of 80 Siemens wind turbines was turned on. The symbolic launch according to the motto "energy and climate protection for future generations" is an important step of this successful clean energy project: With a capacity of 302 megawatts, the offshore wind farm is promoting the energy transition and pointing the way for the energy supply of tomorrow. 80 Siemens SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines provide electricity for approximately 300,000 households while the emission of CO2 is reduced by more than 740,000 t each year.

Hamburg’s First Mayor, Olaf Scholz, highlighted both the environmental and economic importance of the project: "Amrumbank West is a further beacon in the development of wind energy at sea. Clean energy is needed throughout Germany and the ecopower from the North Sea provides the necessary support for the energy transition." E.ON chairman, Johannes Teyssen, also sang the praises of Siemens and its role in the development of offshore wind power in the German North Sea. He described the system installed at Amrumbank West as "the finest technology." Michael Hannibal, CEO Offshore of the Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division, underlined the importance of the project: "We are connected to E.ON by many years of successful cooperation in the field of renewable energies. Therefore, we are pleased that together we are adding considerable momentum to the German energy transition with Amrumbank West."

Amrumbank West covers an area of approximately 34 square kilometres (approximately 4,760 football fields) and is situated approximately 35 km north of Helgoland and approximately 37 km west of the North Frisian island Amrum. The wind farm is one of a total of eight Siemens offshore projects in the German North Sea and is part of the HelWin wind park cluster. The 80 wind turbines stand in water depths of between 19 and 24 m. Using a transformer station and a converter platform at high sea, the generated electricity is transported through an undersea cable that is almost 85 km long to a location near to Büsum on the mainland.

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