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Building bridges between Hamburg and Latin America Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster participates in the visit to Latin America by the First Mayor

Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paulo – three aspiring Latin American cities visited by a Hamburg delegation of 40 participants headed by the First Mayor Olaf Scholz in mid-April. Focal areas of discussion were: port management and maritime logistics, as well as renewable energies. The delegation included Renewable Energy Hamburg managing director Jan Rispens, Pieter Wasmuth, general representative of Vattenfall GmbH for the Hamburg metropolitan region and member of the Committee of the Association for the Promotion of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster, and Jens Meier, managing director of the Hamburg Port Authority.

“The ocean that lies between us can be regarded as a separating body of water, but also as a bridge which connects our countries,” said Mr Scholz during a visit to the Brazilian port city of Sao Paolo. 1,400 German companies have already begun operating in Brazil, of which 400 alone come from Hamburg. In 2014, the Hanseatic City will organise the German-Brazilian Business Days for the first time. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Hamburg delegation visited an event focusing on smart cities.