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Advanced Power Electronics in the Baltic Sea Region Closing conference of the EU project Green Power Electronics

Advanced Power Electronics in the Baltic Sea Region
Green Power Electronics Conference in Sonderborg (GPE)

Research and availability of silicon carbide for renewable energy facilities was the focus of the final meeting of the 17 project partners of the EU Interreg project Green Power Electronics at the University of Southern Denmark in Sonderborg. Managing Directors Jan Rispens and Lisa Niemann participated for the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster.

The closing conference “Advanced Power Electronics in the Baltic Sea Region” on the second day dealt with the use of silicon carbide, gallium nitrate and semiconductors in the field of renewable energy. Areas of application in the PV sector were also discussed. Pilot projects, for example in the area of smart housing in Sweden, were presented.

The delegates evaluated, exchanged experiences and discussed how cooperation could be continued beyond the duration of the project. Everyone agreed that silicon carbide still needed to be researched very extensively.


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