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A visit to the European Green Capital 2019 Oslo Meeting of the EU’s Northern Connections project

A visit to the European Green Capital 2019 Oslo
Meeting of EU project Northern Connections in Oslo (Northern Connections)

To prepare for the Transnational Working Days in Edinburgh in June, the heads of the working groups of the EU’s Northern Connections project met in early May in the 2019 European Green Capital – Oslo, Norway. The meeting was held in the world-famous town hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented each year. Besides networking, the steering group wanted to discuss the status quo in the various project groups. One of those present was Lisa Niemann, International Project Management at the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster.

In 2017, the European Commission selected Oslo as its European Green Capital for 2019. Reasons for this included the city’s high environmental protection standards, sustainable urban development and status as a role model for other European cities. In 2011, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg was also European Green Capital.

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