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CHAINSTEP brings blockchain to the world of business and supports companies out of key industries with consultancy and development ressources. We build bridges to the fascinating world of blockchain and help the economy to discover the capabilities, develop a decent strategy and accomplish a project-based implementation.

As a business consultant we at CHAINSTEP demonstrate by professional trainings, workshops and public presentations, why and how blockchain will change the business world and which steps are necessary for companies to increase competitiveness and to utilize new business model opportunities.

As a technology partner we at CHAINSTEP support our partners and customers from industries like supply chain management, logistics, IoT, energy and mobility when it comes to the realisation of blockchain-based projects. We work at topics like the digital bill of consigment, secure digital license management for 3d-printing and autonomous processes in the field of Industrie4.0.

CHAINSTEP´s management team members have long-year experiences in several technology areas and can refer to a track record in implementing and optimising technological innovations for businesses. We consult leading German institutions and are involved in blockchain related research and development projects focussing on applications for small and medium businesses.

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