Energy Topics

Energy Topics

Offshore wind in the Hamburg city region

With many active members in the area of offshore wind energy and as an advisory board member of the “Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie” (Offshore Wind Energy Foundation), the EEHH Cluster chose “offshore wind” as one of its top priorities at it’s very founding. EEHH association members such as manufacturers Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, project developers Orsted, Vattenfall and RWE, and certifiers DNV and TÜV Nord take a leading role in the area of “offshore wind”. Research institutions such as TU Hamburg are producing optimal groundwork in the area of offshore; scientists at CEN (Centre for Earth System Research and Sustainability) at the University of Hamburg are researching the impact of offshore wind farms on micro-climates.

EEHH publications and events on the topic of “offshore wind”

The EEHH cluster, together with Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e.V., have published the trend-setting publications “Offshore wind from a legal perspective” and “Offshore wind interface management” (in two editions). Moreover, the EEHH network, together with certification company DNV, organises the "Hamburg Offshore Wind Conference".

“Offshore wind” intensively directed from Hamburg

Offshore projects such as Arkona, Dan Tysk, Global Tech I, Gode Wind I to III and Sandbank were managed and developed from Hamburg. Overall, the groundwork for approx. 65% of all German offshore projects has been done from the city. 13 offshore wind farms are currently located in German waters of the North and Baltic Seas. Offshore wind farms supply clean electricity almost all year round, safeguarding supply security for Germany as an industrial centre. This renewable energies sector consequently is making a viable and decisive contribution to curtailing climate change.