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Energy Topics Electromobility in the Hamburg city region

The development of electromobility in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is high on the agenda. The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster too is increasingly grappling with mobility topics against the backdrop of “energy transition in transportation”, especially infrastructure topics at system level (grids, sector coupling, digitalisation). Alongside e-mobility, hydrogen as a propulsion fuel is also stirring discussion. Together with coordinators Hysolutions, Hamburg is making the switch to alternative propulsion fuels. Underpinning this is the master plan agreed in 2014 for a public charging infrastructure and the climate protection concept of the Hamburg Senate that envisages a reduction in annual total CO2 emissions by 2020 of 40% and by 2050 of 80%.

Change to Alternative Drive Material

The City of Hamburg hopes to bring more electric vehicles to its streets through vehicle fleet operators functioning as “catalysts”. Municipal authorities, already operating some 90 electric vehicles, are expected to switch 50% of their entire fleets over to electric-powered vehicles by 2020. Municipal companies run in excess of 280 electric vehicles. The aim is to bring the proportion of electric-powered passenger vehicles up to 35% by 2020.

Extension of the Public Charging Structure

Municipal electricity grid operator Stromnetz Hamburg is responsible for developing the charging structure. 600 publicly accessible charging points have already cropped up as of the end of 2017. Some 5000 charging operations take place monthly. The number of public charging points is expected to top 1000 by the start of 2019. All charging operations performed on charging equipment connected to the system operated by Stromnetz Hamburg are coordinated via a central IT platform.

Model Region Electromobility

Joint projects funded by the government as part of the “Model Electromobility Region” initiative such as “Hamburg – Wirtschaft am Strom (electrified economy)”, “eQuartier Hamburg (Hamburg eQuarter)” or “ePowered Fleets Hamburg” promote the expansion of electric mobility in Hamburg. Project partners Alphabet, Hysolutions and the Oeko-Institute for instance are planning the integration of up to 450 electric vehicles in Hamburg vehicle fleets in the “ePowered Fleets Hamburg” project.