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Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg
+49 4131/677-0

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In the field of energy Leuphana deals with the entire spectrum of sustainability, in particular legal, political, economic, social and also technical aspects. Concrete topics include: energy efficiency, sufficiency, virtual power plants, system services, sustainable mobility, acceptance and public participation.

These topics will also be integrated into cross-cutting research fields such as climate and resource protection and education for sustainable development. Within the EU-funded regional development project "Innovation Incubator" (2009 - 2015), energy issues in applied scientific projects were explored. "EnERgioN", a project involving the generation, storage and marketing of renewable energy in the North region, or "Thermal Battery", a project aimed at developing a compact heat storage system, are two examples.

With nationally perceived events such as the Energy Forum or the conference entitled Law and Financing of Renewable Energies, Leuphana has become an important place of exchange on the subject of renewable energies. In teaching, the topic finds its place both in the bachelor's program "Environmental Sciences" and "Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies"
as well as in the master's program "Global Sustainability Science" and "Sustainability Science-Sustainability Sciences". The master's programs "Sustainability Law" and "Sustainability Management" are offered alongside work.

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